Topic: 4.0's a comin'

Rumor mill is saying next week.
By rumor mill I mean my secret desires, and also the WoW forums.

Anyone excited? I haven't played WoW in something like a year or more, but I'm coming back for the class changes.

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Re: 4.0's a comin'

I quit that plague of a game 2 years ago... and I'm not going back!



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I went back.  It is soooo good now.


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You guys all fail at quitting for real.

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Hey.. I work in the Game Industry.. it is 'research' tongue

Also my CEO runs the guild and its totally bad ass.. Tons of employees play.

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Crast wrote:

You guys all fail at quitting for real.

I don't. And I feel like a changed man. I even have time for idle chitchat with Billmaan now.

<d-end> masturbate
<d-end> watch anime
<d-end> those are the 2 things I do when I'm bored!

Re: 4.0's a comin'

Speaking about WoW, my account was banned a month ago for "Abuse of the Economy".  Apparently someone decided it was a good idea to hack an account that hasn't been active for for 3 years (I wonder how they got my account information to begin with?) and take all my gold.  Of course since it was my account I had to get Blizzard to restore it even though I have no intention of ever coming back.