1. Don't be a foghat
    This rule, our number one rule, is multi-faceted. BlizzPub, being a site which contains a large amount of user contributed content, such as articles and forums, expects users to behave respectfully (in most cases) and not abuse the system. This includes flaming, deliberate mass-posting ("spamming"), posting illegal content, lewd or inappropriate images. (There are some exceptions, but when not explicitly stated otherwise, the above rules apply.)
  2. No links to warez
    This is as simple as it gets. Please consider what you're posting, and if it is of questionable legality, please contact a moderator and ask if it is okay to post it first.
  3. Use of the forum is a privilege, not a right
    Since our site is moderated and run by volunteers, we don't have the time to clean up after you if you make a huge mess. Continued abuse of the forums system (including mass spam, constantly off-topic posts) may result in a temporary or permanent ban.
  4. These rules are guidelines, not absolutes
    We are not lawyers, and this set of rules is to help guide you towards using our site effectively. We appreciate suggestions in our Comments & Suggestions Forum and if you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the team by clicking on their name and sending them a PM.